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almost 3 years ago

UW Blockchain Hacks Has Concluded!

Hello everyone,

UW Blockchain Hacks 2021 has officially ended!

The winners have been announced, so head over to the project gallery to check out their fantastic projects! All of the projects submitted during this hackathon were innovative and exciting, and we’re very proud of what they were able to accomplish. 

We hope that the participants were able to get a good opportunity to work hands-on with blockchain technology, and it’s our hope to host another hackathon next year as well! Seeing what students can make using blockchain was an incredible experience for us as a club, as it’s something we definitely want to keep pursuing!

Also, we would like to provide a huge shout-out to our sponsors this year! Bartrr, Encode Club, Stably, NEAR, and the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation all helped make this hackathon the best experience it could be. From setting up workshops to providing prizes and mentors, our sponsors really made this year’s UW Blockchain Hacks one to remember!

Also, as an added note, Stably is hiring for their remote Senior Software Developer position, so if you’re interested, feel free to apply here:

With that said, UW Blockchain Hacks 2021 has come to a close! Once again, thank you to everyone who participated!

We will continue to host events next year, so please stay tuned!


UW Blockchain Society